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Utility Solutions

Through our partnerships with leading water companies, REACH Corporation offers multiple water and wastewater treatment solutions to solve business and municipal (community) water system challenges with more than 70% of projects seeing a Return on Investment in less than two years!

Water Solutions
Reach Corporation  Safe Drinking Water
Reach Corporation  Municipal Potable Water from lakes, rivers, and Oceans
Reach Corporation  Reverse Osmosis
Reach Corporation  Industrial Manufacturing and Refinery
Reach Corporation  Pharmaceutical Grade Water
Reach Corporation  Food and Beverage Manufacturing
Reach Corporation  Agriculture and Irrigation
Reach Corporation  Bottled Water

Wastewater Solutions
Reach Corporation  Municipal Wastewater – New and Expansion Capabilities
Reach Corporation  Decentralized Treatment Technologies
Reach Corporation  Waste Re-Use for Irrigation
Reach Corporation  Industrial Wastewater
Reach Corporation  Lagoon Technologies
Reach Corporation  Existing Facility Engineering Services
Reach Corporation  Environment Protection and Mitigation

Energy Solutions

REACH Corporation works with our strategic partners to deliver cost efficient, quick to market and sustainable solutions to meet our customers’ needs.

Our Energy capabilities include:
Reach Corporation  Electrical Construction
Reach Corporation  Low Voltage
Reach Corporation  Power Solutions
Reach Corporation  Renewable Energy

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